Melody and the Angels

C1 Melody and the angels.

Melody lived in a house where it was forbidden to cry. Her mother had decided on that. She was sure that her mother did not love her. As soon as she would think about it, she would burst into tears. Luckily, she met an Angel called Hope.

This story teaches how to overcome our fears when they appear and to develop our strength.

There once was a girl named Melody. She lived in a house where it was forbidden to cry except when you really hurt yourself… It was her mother who decided on the importance of the complaints of her children. It was rare to see one of her children cry. So when they hurt themselves or when they suffered pain, the children would cry at night in their dreams or they would hide under their blankets, but most of all they would do it quietly. Their mom thought that if they didn’t cry they would increase their courage. She did not like children that were cowards.

Melody was a very sensitive child; a simple little thing could hurt her. As soon as someone spoke loudly, she would burst into tears. Obviously this caused the anger of her mother. She was raising her children alone and it made her a bit irritable.

In addition to being responsible for all the household chores like cooking, cleaning and raising the children, her mother worked outside the house. She was extremely busy and therefore it must be said, very tired.

Melody noticed that she was very often reprimanded.

She was sure that her mother did not love her. She did not want her friends to feel pity for her and say bad things about her mother, so she kept her pain in her heart. She was unable to reveal it.

She would have been too embarrassed since her friend’s mothers all appeared to be so wonderful. Melody surely had a predestined name since she really was a good musician. She learned all by herself to play the flute. What pleased her the most was to create pure sounds that had the capacity to eliminate all her worries.

ISBN 978-2-924296-09-07

Cataloguing in Publication Data (Quebec) 2013

Cataloguing in Publication Data (Canada) 2013

Melody and the Angels (Les nouveaux contes de Perrault)

First publication : 2002

Author: Danielle Perrault

Illustrator: Jacques Desrochers

Design : Danielle Perrault

Edition: Les nouveaux contes de Perrault 2157, 3e Rang Est, Saint-Julien (Québec) G0N 1B0


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