My best teacher ever

C1 My best teacher ever.

Lily could not accept change easily.

She tried to avoid it and she did come up with a plan to do so.

However, it did not work as she had planned.

maitresse-1Lily was four years old and felt very fortunate when she accompanied one of her sister in class for a whole day.

Lily sat quietly at her desk and made some drawings while the teacher would speak to the fourth graders. Lily was overjoyed.

The teacher told her:

« You are an intelligent and quiet little girl. You will be a very good student later on. »

Every day she would be watching enviously her sisters getting ready for school. She always wanted to accompany them, promising to listen quietly…No luck; the answer was always the same:

«No! You’re too young. Your turn will come soon enough. »

ISBN 978-2-924296-08-0

Cataloguing in Publication Data (Quebec) 2013

Cataloguing in Publication Data (Canada) 2013

My best teacher ever (Les nouveaux contes de Perrault)

Author: Danielle Perrault Illustrator: Jacques Desrochers Design : Danielle Perrault

Edition: Les nouveaux contes de Perrault 2157, 3e Rang Est, Saint-Julien (Québec) G0N 1B0


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