The Invisible Backpack

C1 The invisible BackpackCedric was the victim of great misfortune. It was so big that he decided to imprison it in an invisible backpack and he hoped his misfortune would be invisible as well. However, his misfortune became such a heavy burden that it made Cedric stumble and even transformed itself in nightmares that haunted Cedric’s sleep. Fortunately, Sorrowless man, a chaser of misfortune, came to his school.

This book teaches the readers to share their sorrows and their secrets so they feel better with themselves and with other people too.

Nobody knows how misfortune strikes. Does it simply knock at your door one day or did you do something to have it invade your life as it does? One thing we know for sure is that misfortune won’t go away on its own. It will grow on you and you need to quickly get rid of it. If you don’t, misfortune will simply attract more misfortune and make your life more and more miserable.

In the following story, a great misfortune befell on a little seven-year-old boy named Cedric. I cannot say what happened to him since he refused to talk about it.

ISBN 978-2-924296-07-3

Cataloguing in Publication Data (Québec) 2013

Cataloguing in Publication Data (Canada) 2013

The invisible Backpack (Les nouveaux contes de Perrault)

Author: Danielle Perrault

Illustrator: Jacques Desrochers

Design: Danielle Perrault

Edition : Les nouveaux contes de Perrault

2157, 3e Rang Est, Saint-Julien (Québec) G0N1B0


All rights of translation, editing, printing, representation and adaptation, in whole or in part, reserved for all countries. Reproduction of an extract of this publication by any means whatsoever, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying and microfilm, is strictly prohibited without written permission of the author.

First publication: 2001


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