The Master of the Night

. C1 The master of the night.


Loïc never wanted to go to sleep until he encountered the Master of the Night. His life would change forever.

This book teaches children how to deal with bedtime.




Did it ever happen to you that for some reason you did not want to go to sleep when your parents asked you to?

Well, it did to Loïc.

When his parents said « bedtime», he would, suddenly, have lots of things to do, lots of things to say, schoolwork to finish, need to go to the bathroom, drink water…anything he could think of to avoid going to bed.

So it went, until one night, when the Master of the Night came through Loïc’s bedroom window and cast a spell on him. Loïc would not be able to sleep anymore.

ISBN 978-2-924296-06-6

Cataloguing in Publication Data (Quebec) 2013

Cataloguing in Publication Data (Canada) 2013

The Master of the Night (Les nouveaux contes de Perrault)

Author: Danielle Perrault

Illustrator: Jacques Desrochers

Design: Danielle Perrault

Editing: Les nouveaux contes de Perrault

2157, 3e Rang Est, Saint-Julien (Québec) G0N1B0


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First publication: 2001


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